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Hi! I'm Kimberly Sanders, Lucky in Love Marriage Celebrant, based in Auckland. I loved my own wedding day so much I decided to become a Celebrant! I've been honoured to officiate for 19 lucky in love couples to date and they tell me my friendly and professional approach makes the journey to their big day easy, having fun along the way.

I perform all kinds of wedding ceremonies for all couples; gay/straight, big/small, non-denominational/spiritual, alternative/traditional, on the beach/in a church...

When you choose me as your Celebrant I'll share loads of creative ideas, info and inspiration to reflect your unique love story and together we’ll bring your wedding day vision to life!

I’d love to be a part of your wedding day and will put as much energy and care into your ceremony as I did my own. x Get in touch to set up a free first meeting.

Kimberly is a registered Independent Marriage Celebrant, appointed under New Zealand law. She is a member of the Celebrants Association of New Zealand, committed to quality service, professional standards and ethics, helping couples of all denominations. Read more about Kimberly by clicking here.

Your Journey & The Process

As soon as you can, choose your Marriage Celebrant and book your wedding date in!  Your wedding ceremony is the heart of your wedding day and it's sensible to get a head start with guidance from the celebrant officiating for you.

There are four key steps (and an extra special touch I like to add for you) on the journey to creating your memorable marriage ceremony and I'll make them easy and fun:

Initial Consultation The first step is for us to arrange a time to meet. This is a time for us both to get to know each other better.
During this session you’ll tell me all about the wedding you want. I want to hear how you met and fell in love with each other. I’ll ask you to talk me through who your bridal party are (if you’re having one), plans for your big day and what is important to you to make your ultimate vision a reality.
I’ll explain the general marriage ceremony format including the legal aspects and relevant paperwork you are responsible for as bride and groom.

Ceremony Format & Vows If you decide I’m the Celebrant for you (I hope so!), you’ll be given a Wedding Ceremony Guidebook which is a treasure trove of traditional and contemporary ideas, concepts and vows to start you thinking about what is going to best represent your personalities, partnership and love for one another.

Your Love Story When you choose me to represent you, I aim to make your ceremony even more special by presenting you with a personally crafted version of Your Love Story. Based on the things you share with me during our Initial Consultation, I'll bring your beautiful story to life for you to relive - and for your guests to enjoy!

Ceremony Planning After our Initial Consultation I'll put together a timeline for us to work to. Getting your ceremony format right for you is a work in progress and we’ll allow time for edits and revisions. We'll do this via email to make it easy for you so we set a beautiful ceremonial scene and you have the perfect words and steps to honour this very special life event.
I'll provide you with a Wedding Day Checklist as well so you can start ticking the boxes off!

Wedding Rehearsal It wasn’t until the big day me and my husband realised how important it is to be guided through a rehearsal by your Celebrant.
Closer to the wedding day, we’ll agree on a time when we can get all of your bridal party in one place, about 1-2 weeks prior to your big day. We will meet at your wedding ceremony venue and have a condensed rehearsal which covers all the important things.
During this rehearsal we will put your final touches on and consider any venue specific intricacies. Your bridal party will have the chance to see your ideas first hand and they will all be clear on their responsibilities so your day goes accordingly to plan!
I’ll remind you what you need to think about beforehand, but it is crucial that you bring your music and that all of your key people are present.
And most of all we’ll run through the ceremony steps so you’re confident of what to expect – this will really bring it to life for you!

The Big Day It wouldn’t be normal not to have some butterflies – just remember whatever happens, happens, and we work it in. People warned me my wedding day would whizz by - and it really did - so, take a deep breath, relax, be present for each other, be in the moment and enjoy every aspect of your special day!
As your Marriage Celebrant I’ll be at your wedding location early to greet all your key players and make sure the layout and set up is perfect for your memorable wedding scene.
I’ll guide you through the ceremony steps and you’ll have a formal document to sign.
The fun part for me is making both of you, your family and friends feel super special – and of course the incredible moment when I pronounce you ‘husband and wife’/'marriage partners'!
Then I'll present you with your Marriage Certificate (making it official!) and you can enjoy the rest of your wedding together with your guests!

Kimberly Sanders  Lucky in Love Wedding Celebrant   Auckland KumeuMatakana Waiheke
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Rave Reviews!

Click here to read more rave reviews my gorgeous Brides and Grooms have given me. You can see videos and photos by clicking here.

About me

Check out my homemade video! I hope it gives you a better idea of who I am and how I can make your big day extra special!

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Event Management & MC Service

You and your bridal party and family should be focused on the celebration – you don’t need to be worried about the little things on your big day.

In addition to offering you my services as your Marriage Celebrant, I can take charge and manage your wedding day proceedings.

Especially when you are DIYing your big day, It makes sense to have someone experienced and reliable on hand who can pull all your vendors together and co-ordinate your bridal party to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. From making sure your flowers are positioned correctly, to laying out seating, calling photo shoots, making sure the cake is cut on time and your first dance music is cued correctly are all important – and having someone who knows what they’re doing on hand to oversee it all will put your mind at ease.

So feel free to utilise my extensive event management so you can relax knowing your day is in good hands. Just let me know your needs and we can discuss this worthwhile wedding day event management service further.

Kimberly Sanders  Lucky in Love Marriage Celebrant   Auckland KumeuMatakana Waiheke
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Wedding Day Checklist

Click here for your Wedding Day Checklist

Print it out and use to make sure you've remembered everything for your BIG day!

Kimberly Sanders  Lucky in Love Marriage Celebrant   Auckland KumeuMatakana Waiheke
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The heart of your wedding day

Your marriage ceremony is the heart of your wedding day - when you make vows pledging your commitment to each other and exchanging rings as a symbol of your unending love!

After you carry out these rituals I pronounce you Husband and Wife/Marriage Partners and your marriage union is official.

I'll help you create your ceremony reflecting your unique personalities, your beautiful love story and your wedding day vision.

You'll have the chance to add your own personal style - whatever you want we work it in, plus I’ll add some extra special personalised touches like retelling your Love Story - when you're standing at the altar, side by side, you'll enjoy taking a moment to relive the special things that brought you together and the journey that's led you to your big day.

The journey to your wedding day involves a simple process you can read about below.

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Budget & Fees

Marriage Celebrant Fee  Budget and Fees should be top of mind for all newly engaged couples. There are some things that will be worth every penny; the most important is your Marriage Celebrant. Your marriage ceremony is the heart of your wedding day and a great Celebrant, like me ; ) will set the scene for your wedding day and make it memorable!

I'm committed to providing you with all those little extra tips and tricks that will make your day seamless. Your wedding is a milestone event in your life and I'll help you create the ceremony you want - you'll be able to put my first-hand experience, plus my background as a corporate event manager, to good use.

Some Marriage Celebrant fees range from $250 to $1,000. Keep in mind, like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. One of my Brides recently told me a friends of hers booked a celebrant based on the lowest price. According to my Bride, this celebrant did not provide anywhere near the service I do. Based on this story I'm confident I give my couples a lot of added value other celebrants don't - and I believe the fee for my service is well priced for all that you'll get. You'll be pleased you made a solid investment towards the heart of your wedding day.

If you're interested in my services please get in touch and I'll confirm a fee specific to your wedding. My fees are based on the different areas I perform ceremonies in:

West Auckland, North Shore, Rodney, CBD
This includes travel to your rehearsal and wedding within the Auckland region including Waitakeres, West Coast Beaches and Kumeu vineyard venues and as far north as Orewa.

Waiheke Island
+ return ferry tickets and transport to and from Matiatia wharf for the rehearsal and wedding day.

Matakana, East Auckland, South Auckland
I am more than happy to perform your ceremony if it's in Matakana, East Auckland, South Auckland including Karaka, Waiuku and the Bombays. My fee is a little bit extra to cover travel time and costs for the rehearsal and your big day.

If you are being married at any other location, please let me know and we can work something out.

Due to the dedicated TLC I put into each and every wedding ceremony, starting from our free 1st meeting, a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to secure your wedding date.

You'll get an Initial Consultation, Ceremony Planning, your Love Story handcrafted especially for you, a Wedding Rehearsal and me as your Officiant on your Big Day... plus these extras:

Added Extras
♥  Lots of TLC and guidance whenever you need it.
♥  Access to a treasure trove of creative concepts, wedding checklists, inspirational   heartwarmers & helpful hints.
  Sharing my first-hand knowledge gained from my own recent experience as a bride.
  The benefit of my unique corporate event management experience.
  A pretty registry signing table and two chairs.
  A beautiful signing pen can be provided.
  Access to a network of awesome wedding suppliers.

Master of Ceremonies & Wedding Day Event Management If you need an MC and/or would like your wedding day to run seamlessly with help from me, please let me know as I can provide this service for you also.

Kimberly Sanders  Lucky in Love Wedding Celebrant   Auckland KumeuMatakana Waiheke
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