Skinny Love

Skinny Love, Bon Iver

Seeing this song performed on NZ X Factor made me realise I’d totally missed out on a whole lot of cool new music. Listening mainly to dance and GeorgeFM over the last few years and not tuning into bFM or Jools Holland has sort of limited by exposure.

Googling the song I found this chilled homemade video which backs this beautifully sad song well and features surfing by Kelly Slater. (I can’t actually find an original video for it, so I think this is my favourite. Just because Kelly’s in it and he is far cuter than the Bon Iver lead guy.)

A few years ago, what would we have done without google?? You can find everything on here. The album the songs from is titled ‘For Emma, forever ago’. If the lyrics intrigue you there are heaps of forums debating the meaning – but this one is straight from the source it seems. Skinny Love Explained by the English Muse

Check out the other performances; one revivial by Birdy (what sort of a name is that?), and two by X Factor contestants. But not to forget the sublime Ed Sheeran version. Which one is your favourite??

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