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New Year Resolution

This guys new year resolution marriage proposal is just adorable! As if the doodles weren’t enough – he adds extra facial expressions!

Let’s hope she said yes!

What are your New Years resolutions going to be???

Top tips for a sweet summer wedding

Every bride who plans an outdoor wedding ceremony hopes for gloriously sunny weather. You can’t control the weather, but here are a few things you can take charge of which will make your outdoor wedding memorable for all the right reasons!

wedding tips kimberly sanders lucky in love auckland marriage celebrant Location, location, location   A beach may be beautiful but it may also be very windy, and crashing waves may be hard to hear over. If you’re at any public place look into renting a portable speaker and clip-on microphones for the officiant and bride and groom so that everyone can hear the ceremony.

tissue pompom wedding decorations kimberly sanders lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland raj tent auckland  Obviously have a Plan B If it’s not sunny you need to be prepared in advance.

  Fabric faux pas Whether it’s your wedding gown, the bridesmaid dresses or the men’s suits, make sure they’re made from lighter material that breathes and won’t make you and your wedding party hot and sweaty.

personalised bottled water summer weddings kimberly sanders auckland marriage celebrant lucky in love  Keep Your Cool Have a bottle of facial spritzer on hand to keep you refreshed. Blotting paper will also keep you shine free.





summer weddings kimberly sanders auckland marriage celebrant lucky in love  Sip, Slop, Snap There’s nothing worse than being a wedding guest who’s exhausted before the bride even makes her big entrance. Keep guests comfortable by serving cool non-alcoholic drinks they can sip on, make sunscreen and insect repellent available to slop on and snap open a fan or umbrella to protect guests from the heat. Have some fun – order personalised bottled water or make your own fans inline with your theme. Plus they make great photo props!


summer weddings kimberly sanders auckland marriage celebrant lucky in love wedding fans  Plan your Pictures Your photographer will be able to advise you on the best time of day to shoot your photos. I wish I had decided on a pre-wedding shoot – it would have saved nerves about timing and leaving our guests for too long.



tissue pompom wedding decorations kimberly sanders lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland  Choose decorations that don’t wilt Think about using tissue pompoms, lanterns, bunting or vintage chic glass jars to add your personal style. Plus they’re less expensive than flowers!





tissue pompom wedding decorations kimberly sanders lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland wedding chair covers  Provide Chair Cushions/Covers If the sun is out, chairs (especially metal ones) can heat up in a hurry. So don’t forget to bring chair cushions or chair covers for your guests so they don’t burn themselves when sitting down. This is a great chance to enhance your theme.




wedding tips kimberly sanders lucky in love auckland marriage celebrant  Serve Summery Food If you’re having cocktail hour, don’t serve anything too heavy; instead try fruit skewers, shrimp cocktail or crisp veggies instead of cheese or other dairy-based products that would melt in the heat.

Sir Elton John Steps into Xmas with a Winter Wedding

sir-elton-vows-kimberly sanders auckland marriage celebrant lucky in love
If you haven’t already heard Elton John has married long time partner David Furnish in a celebrity studded social media extravaganza! yawn, yawn…

I have to say I’m very underwhelmed by this wedding… after watching Elton John’s Xmas song ‘Step into Xmas’ on repeat on tv constantly – in all its 1970s glory – it just seems quite ‘normal’. A bit boring.

Unlike his civil union to David Furnish 9 years ago to the day – the day same-sex unions became legal in the UK. The celebs are still there but spot the difference in the photos…

sir-elton-vows-kimberly sanders auckland marriage celebrant lucky in love







Just kidding – this was a prank photo – they wore suits to their civil union – but this would have been fantastic!

Saying that any wedding is a beautiful one and it was obviously to their preference, even if it was a bit plain.

And we can’t forget his wedding to ‘a girl’, in 1984 which really threw us all off. Not sure who she was but here’s their wedding photo.

sir-elton-wedding-kimberly sanders auckland marriage celebrant lucky in love






But back then we didn’t really have any awareness of the gay community and sadly the majority were forced to keep their true selves hidden away. Until now.

Engagement Rings

engagement ring, diamon ring, kimberly sanders lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland


Outraged was how I felt when I came across a random facebook post which showed a pretty sparkly petite diamond ring – the caption was ‘Would you accept this ring?’

For real. ?? I could not believe that someone was starting a debate about the size of a rock as if it quantified a partners love for their other half i.e. the bigger the rock the more they love you and vice versa. What sort of superficial bitch posted that?

Who even needs a ring to be ‘engaged’ as long as the heart is in the right place and you are true to each other?

Then I searched and found this! And I thought – how much fun would this be?! Much more fun than a ridiculous chunk of diamond that was only chosen due to its carats and statement.

There’s also this cool idea from Naveya & Sloane – a proposal diamond! It’s a diamond set in a bar of metal of your choice which is presented to the bride to be who then designs her own ring! Very cool!

Naveya and Sloane engagement ring Kimberly Sanders Lucky in Love Marriage Celebrant Auckland


Finding Mr Right

Click to view the Oprah video!

While some of us may be Lucky in Love we need to help keep up the spirits of our single girlfriends. We were single once too – I was single for a lot longer than I ever imagined – and the love of my life did find me in the end – thank goodness! But I have to say I think it was because I had settled into the mode they’re talking about in this #Oprah video the #Huffpost posted. You do have to have your fun, live the life you want, not give it all away at once and keep faith that the universe does have a major plan in store for you! Click to watch the video and read more.

Kimberly Sanders ♥ Marriage Celebrant

kimberly sanders lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland north shore
I would love to help you create a memorable & magical ceremony that is true to your personal style & wedding day vision.

Having been married recently myself, I draw on my fresh first hand experience.

People say they love my professional, yet friendly approach which reassures you you’re in safe hands & makes the process as easy as possible. Plus I’m an enthusiastic & captivating public speaker who has the ability to connect with everyone.

For wedding day inspiration & to find out more about how I can help you on your big day visit my website: or find me on facebook: KimberlySandersMarriageCelebran­t

Available Auckland-wide; North Shore, Waiheke, Matakana

Brides & Bling

kimberly sanders lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland north shore

Now, I wish I’d have thought to do this! Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not a bling bling kind of girl – but that all changed on my wedding day!

It was all about the bling – or more subtle sparkle that is – my ring is a vintage Tiffany solitaire, my heels had diamantes, my big toenails had a row of bling and my earrings and necklace were solitaire Swarovski crystal. All to match my 50s inspired gown which the waistband was decorated in stylish Swarovski as well.

So it wasn’t over the top. But to top it all off I wish I had thought to pop some bling on my wedding band fingernail – I don’t know if you can see it all that clearly in the photo – but this was a friend of mine’s sisters wedding – and I think it looked blingtastic!

It’s all in the detail on your big day!


The Five-Year Engagement

I recently met a couple who had been together five years and were about to get married.

Of course in jest I joked about the five year time frame – because I’m sure over that five years your family and friends would be continually asking the question “when are you getting engaged”, as loving people tend to do.

But it did remind me of this hilarious film about a five-year engagement – which of course, you would start to worry about if it happened to you.

Hope you enjoy the snippet which is the end bit where they just go all or nothing to get hitched right there and then when the time was right!