A New Year’s Eve Wedding

Me and My Darling were thinking of a New Year’s Eve wedding – it would be a great excuse to include fireworks in your day!  We decided on another date close to my heart in the end though – but My Darling still put on an amazing fireworks display!

The other reason to have your wedding on New Year’s Eve, apart from a cool fireworks display, is they are the perfect time for a massive party! Everyone is planning on attending a celebration – so make it an extra memorable occasion. Plus most people have the next day off to recover!

Here are some fabulous ideas for a New Year’s Eve Wedding, courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings and BridalMusings.com…

Get glitzy ♥ Make it about the new year and the newly married couple Put party props on each table Give everyone sparklers Countdown for a photo opp Let the champagne flow Wear a slinky sequinned wedding gown Pin resolutions to the wall and ask guests to ‘take one, and make one for you’!

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