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True Blood

While I was sick, my gorgeous boyfriend brought me DVDs to keep me occupied. He knows I am hooked on the Vampire Diaries, so he went and rented True Blood. All I knew about True Blood was it’s billed as vampires for grown ups and stars our very own little Anna Pacquin.

Even though in the States it’s up to season 5, and it aires regularly here, I haven’t been tempted to watch it. I’ve been quite happy getting my thrills with the high school   vampire romances of Vamp Diaries and Twilight series.

True Blood is truly twisted with evil blood curdling vampires and lots of tawdry sex scenes. But the concept is hilarious and it’s strangely balanced by the cute main character and although I can’t decide whether I like it or not after 7 episodes, I do keep watching it.

You have to see for yourself.

Battle of the Romcoms


Back in the 80s a new genre of film was created – Romcoms. They were the big thing and got even bigger in the 90s.  And we still love those corny boy meets girl chick flicks where they live happily ever after that make you feel all gooey inside.

Everyone has their fave which they bust out every now and then to swoon over with the girls while drinking bubbles and gorging yourself on pizza and ice-cream. Well, that’s my idea of a great girls get together anyway!

My fave romcom is Only You – Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jnr. It wasn’t a major box office smash so if you haven’t seen it – rent it/download it!  With lots of twists and turns you’re rooting for the characters to get it together when fate intervenes and Marisa is lead on a crazy quest to find her soul mate – il destino. It’s gorgeous and a young Robert Downey Jnr is the cutest.

One of the most memorable scenes of all romcoms is the fake orgasm scene Meg Ryan performs over lunch in a diner – to Billy Crystal’s astonishment.

Probably the best happy ending of all time is when millionaire/knight in shining armour Richard Gere whisks hooker/damsel in distress Julia Roberts off on his white stallion/his limo to a better ilfe beyond her wildest dreams.

There are so many goodies to choose from. But what’s your all time favourite?? The one that you’ll never get tired of watching that always makes you bawl with tears of happiness??

Hen Party How To


So, you’ve been awarded the honour of being a Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour? Then it’s usually your responsibility, or that of a close friend or relative to plan the Hen Party.
We’ve all seen the movies, the Hangover and Bridesmaids… these are good examples of what not to do when organising a Hen Party! We do not want the Bride or any of the guests receiving unsightly tattoos on any part of their body. We do not want them dining in back alleys and getting food poisoning… and we certainly do not want to misplace the Bride or cause so much chaos she bans us from the wedding!
I can tell, you’re getting nervous already, it sounds like a lot of pressure doesn’t it? But don’t stress, with the right tips and a little planning the process will be super easy. You’ll create a memorable Hen Party to see the Bride’s single girl heydey out in style, do some girl bonding and celebrate friendship and being lucky in love! And all thanks to you – Hen Party planner extraordinaire – the girls will be giggling for weeks to come!
A Hen Party can also be called a bachelorette party. But don’t confuse it with a kitchen tea which is a ladies afternoon tea with the bride and a chance to meet other female guests in a relaxed atmosphere. There is also the bridal shower or bridesmaids luncheon which is for members of the wedding party only where the bride and bridesmaids exchange small gifts of appreciation.
First thing to do is catch-up with the Bride and find out her thoughts on the Hen Party. It’s a party in honour of her and it’s up to you to fill it with all things special to her! You don’t have to do this alone either – get a committee together so you can share the co-ordination.
Set a date a few weeks before the wedding date if you can, this will give everyone time to recover if you’re planning a wild one.
With her help put a list of guests together with phone and email contacts.
If you don’t know everyone attending, it’s important you get a good understanding of personalities and age range. This will help you keep the Hen Party appropriate for everyone. The last thing we want is granny being straddled by a stripper, the party girls from hell getting wasted at a sophisticated wine tasting or the sister-in-law-to-be sitting it out because she can’t play laser strike after her c-section!
You can generally send out ‘save the date’ teasers as soon as you’ve decided the date. Details can follow later with the formal invitation. Email is a great way to do this, you can set up an event on facebook or there are e-invitation websites you can use.
While you’re working on invitations, make some name tags up too – I always think they’re good to put faces to names and get people interacting.
Budget will dictate what the Hen Party consists of. Generally everyone will contribute to the cost and it’s a nice idea for guests to cover the bride’s share. But always get a feel for what guests budgets will allow. Request guests pay you before the big night to avoid you stressing out and having to hassle people.
As for the Hen Party – fantastic ideas are endless! But there are five general categories to consider; DIY, dinners or luncheons, Hen Party weekends, activity based and Stag & Doe Parties.
DIY is still the most popular – this one requires the most time and creativity as it requires high involvement from the party planner who will lead the night format. You can mix and match different scenarios too – in your home, the pub or combined with one of the other categories. Online resources are readily available to give you ideas and set you up for a fun night – whether that be an energetic Amazing Race or a round of bride and groom Q&A. It can be as tame or wild as you want – including drinking games and strippers if that’s your style! But feel free to keep it simple – you don’t have to go over-the-top and give away cute puppies on arrival or gift the bride a trip to Paris!
Dinners and luncheons – it’s always nice to sit down and enjoy delicious food with wonderful company. This is the perfect chance to have indepth conversations with fellow guests and share advice and reminisce with the bride. I’d recommend screening a ‘This is Your Life’ slideshow of the bride and groom –it always makes an impact. On the flipside you can always spice it up by dining at your local cabaret drag show. Cocktail functions fit into this category too and give the girls a great excuse to glam up.
Hen Party weekends – escape from reality for a while and have a complete bonding break with your girls. Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.
Activity based – I think these are the most fun and act as effective icebreakers. Guests may get the chance to try something new and it’s a great experiential event. Activities range from naughty but nice showcases of lingerie and sex toys. There are lucky in love themed companies who take care of the entertainment, taking the hassle away with interactive games in the comfort of your own home. Add a risqué element with pole fitness, hula hooping, burlesque or belly dancing! For something more chilled there are pamper parties, winery tours and cookery classes. And for the brides who want to go out with a bang – pub crawls karaoke and party buses, including condom covered veils will always be a smash!
Whatever you do – make it fun for everyone. That means providing great entertainment for all the girls, fussing over the Bride and overseeing guests wellbeing. Be the hostess with the mostess and make sure everyone has adequate and safe transport, enough non-alcoholic drinks and food on hand otherwise things can get messy!
We want you to be the Maid of Honour – not dishonour!
Happy Hen Party!

Celebrity Weddings | Drew Barrymore

Third Time Lucky

Drew Barrymore became a wife for the third time last week as she tied the knot with art dealer Will Kopelman in northern California.

Barrymore and Kopelman, who have been together for 18 months, announced their engagement in January and Barrymore is pregnant with their first child, rumoured to be a girl.

The actress, 37, wanted a ‘tasteful and timeless’ gown for her wedding day, and her new father-in-law, a former CEO of fashion house Chanel, was happy to help out.

Karl Lagerfeld was personally involved in the design and manufacture of Drew’s muslin and organza Chanel gown, embellished with embroidered flowers, feathers and a black satin belt. Barrymore also sported vintage Chanel jewellery.

Good grief – I don’t care if the dress was designed by Karl Lagerfield – it’s hideously ugly. What was she thinking? What was he thinking?

“The day was perfect,” the actress told People magazine, who ran exclusive pictures from the happy day. “Everyone we love and care about was there. It was fun and meaningful as we could ever have hoped.”

Guests included Drew’s best friend Cameron Diaz, a pregnant Reese Witherspoon and her husband Jim Toth, Busy Phillips, and Jimmy Fallon.

Barrymore was married to a Welsh bar owner for six weeks at the age of 19, and had a short-lived marriage to Canadian comedian Tom Green in 2001. She has had relationships with actors Justin Long, Luke Wilson and Jamie Walters, director Spike Jonze and The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

The Vampire Diaries

I’m addicted to this show. I still don’t have a tv yet – and I’m not really missing it. But I HAVE to sink my teeth into The Vampire Diaries each week! I could buy the whole series on DVD I guess, but it’s my one little decadent fancy, so I just patiently wait for each episode to air on tv.

I’m way too old to have a schoolgirl crush on any of the characters – but they are quite dishy – and I can see why the teens love it. No wonder the lead character Elena is having a love triangle with the Salvatore brothers.

I think we’re a series behind in NZ – and I hope the storyline doesn’t become as lost as LOST (which was the other show Ian Somerhalder was in). But right now, the twists and unexpected turns are so compelling. Excuse the pun!! haha

Who is your favourite Salvatore brother – Damon or Stefan??

Pretty Woman

I watched a re-run of this last night. I’ve never actually watched the entire movie before. When it came out back in the 90s I was more into arthouse indie films – so I never really appreciated the cheesy chickflick beauty of this one up until now.

We all know the storyline… but the line from the movie which really resonated with me was when Edward (Richard Gere) is offering Vivienne (Julia Roberts) a compromise so they can keep seeing each other. But she confidently tells him “I want the fairytale.”

She wants her knight to rescue her and live happily ever after.

That’s what we all want really.

Love truly

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer day — three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.
John Keats
to the love of his life Fanny Brawne, 1819

You can see the film version of this enduring love affair – the movie was made by Jane Campion and is called Bright Star.

If you live in Auckland you can step into a delightful garden called Butterfly Creek where you can watch the butterflies flutter-by.