Famous Screen Kisses

It started with a kiss…

My favourites would have to be, in no particular order:

The Notebook
Wow – have you seen this movie? The amount of tears you’ll shed is a good indicator of how touching this story is. And that kiss… don’t you wish you could be embraced like that by Ryan Gosling??!

You know, the upside down kiss in the rain after Spidey rescues his damsel in distress. This is very tricky to do. Especially for Toby Maguire who said it was quite an unpleasant experience – the rain kept going up his nose and with Kirsten Dunst’s lips locked on his – he could hardly breathe!!

Eat Pray Love
Xavier Bardem… need I say more? That scene where he lovingly looks at her as she’s reading, then puts on some quirky romantic Brazilian song and tenderly embraces her…

A Room with a View
Remember this Merchant Ivory period drama – Lucy Honeychurch and the new boy in town have a love/hate relationship? Lots of misunderstandings take place, but finally they get it together and the end scene is of them on their honeymoon sitting in their room with a view over Florence, kissing.

Only You
This is such a quirky romcom – Marisa Tomei plays a girl who when she was 12 saw a fortune teller at the fair who gave her the name of the man she was going to marry… Damon Bradley…
Fast forward 20 years and Marisa is about to get married, then somehow goes on a wild goose chase for Damon Bradley… in Italy… meets up with Robert Downey Jnr who pretends to be Damon Bradley, and they fall in love… with quite a few hiccups on the way!
The kiss happens after a romantic walk along the streets of Rome, they’re back at Marisa’s hotel and then in the middle of rolling around on the bed she finds out – so the kiss turns into a hilarious struggle where she’s trying to resist Robert Downey Jnr!

Before Sunrise
A couple meet on a train traveling across Europe. They decide their chemistry is enough to get off and have one adventurous night together. You have to see it for yourself. And make sure you watch the sequel Before Sunset which shows you what happens 10 years later!

What are your favourites??

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