In a relationship


Well, it’s been a few months now and things have moved fast, but so comfortable it’s just fallen into place – including moving in together. And adopting a dog.

Since reading about Mark Zuckerberg and how he dated his girlfriend for years before eventually changing his FB status – I’ve been thinking I must get around to changing mine.

So last night, finally, we got around to changing our Facebook relationship status to ‘In a relationship’. Of course I changed it on mine and it tells you it will send a request to the person you have listed as in a relationship with. Social media is a weird thing. My gorgeous man threatened no to ‘confirm’ and I countered that with how about I list us as ‘engaged’. hmmm that kept him quiet! haha

I didn’t realise why I kept getting so many comments and ‘likes’ until I logged in and saw it. The announcement virtually takes up a whole page worth of space!!

Wow, what does it do when you change your status to ‘engaged’?? haha I’ll have to wait and see! haha


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