How many bridesmaids is too many?


We’re not having a ‘bridal party’ – we’re going for something a little less formal so we’ve decided to ask special people to help us with key parts of the day. The only traditional party we’ll have is little flower girls – there won’t be any flowers – they’ll be blowing bubbles so I guess we can call them bubble girls!

And of course – our gorgeous doggie will be the ring bearer – complete with tutu!! haha (My Darling is not happy about the tutu part at all!!)

I came across this photo yesterday and just thought it was crazy. Some people think 10 is acceptable, but this photo is about double that. There seems to be alot of debate around it on google which I thought was funny for a quick read. They talk about the bridal party taking up the entire wedding party numbers, the cost of wardrobe, flowers and favours for them all plus having an equal amount of groomsmen so it looks balanced! I didn’t think weddings were supposed to be such strategic missions! But they do require alot of thought and planning!

What do you think? How many did you have at your wedding?

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