1 week to go!!!!!

wedding bands





Well, it’s less than that really, technically it’s 5 days!!! But saying 1 week to go til me and My Darling tie the knot isn’t quite as scarey!

haha Actually it’s not scarey getting married to My Darling – that is the one thing I know is certain. It’s all the bloomin planning that’s gone into it! haha

But I completely trust, with the help of some good friends, the day will go as beautifully as I pictured it in my crazy head! And everyone is going to have an awesome fun day!

Even though the budget is totally blown (what budget?! apparently this happens to everyone and by at least 50%) we will have incorporated everything we (I) wanted to make it the ‘perfect’ day. Have a read of this to see how much fun you can make your day as long as you personalise it and not conform to what everyone else wants, or what you think guests will expect…

My big fat budget wedding.


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