Happy 3 month Anniversary My Darling x

thank youdarling


Wow – where does time go?

I can’t believe I have been married to My Darling for 3 months!

Thank you for being my handsome husband.

When My Darling was filling my car with gas today the service station cashier somehow asked how long we’d been married and then went on to share her words of wisdom which was something along the lines of relationships are like the ocean – they ebb and flow and you just go with the current.

When I asked other people what their secret to a successful marriage is – the one that stands out for me is “A happy wife makes a happy life”!

Here are some other secrets to maintaining a loving partnership…

There is a secret French women know about attraction most women don’t.

and this:

Gratitude makes relationships flourish. As you increase your gratitude for any relationship, you will magically receive an abundance of happiness and good things in that relationship. And gratitude for your relationships doesn’t change only your relationships; it also changes you. No matter what your temperament is now, gratitude will give you more patience, understanding, compassion, and kindness, to the point where you won’t even recognize yourself. The little irritations you once felt and the complaints you had in your relationships will disappear, because when you’re truly grateful for another person, there’s nothing you want to change about that person.


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