You're terrible Muriel


Remember Muriel’s Wedding? Skip to about 3minutes into this clip – it’s hilarious!

I found myself sitting in front of the tv the other night watching the first half hour of this movie that made Toni Collette and Rachel Griffiths stars, before I remembered there was a lot more misery before Muriel’s wedding and had to walk away. If you have never seen it though you have to – even if it’s just for the crazy 80s/90s hair and outfits – but the gist is Muriel finds life in Porpoise Spit, Australia dull and spends her days alone in her room listening to Abba music and dreaming of her wedding day. Slight problem, Muriel has never had a date. Then she steals some money to go on a tropical vacation, meets a wacky friend, changes her name to Mariel, and turns her world upside down.

In the first few scenes though there was a nasty one where one of the bridesmaids is “having it off” in the broom cupboard – with the groom! It made me think of a great idea for a blog – Worst Wedding Guests Ever!

Along with that example above, here are a few more: bridal party doesn’t perform their duties, guest thinks wedding is a piss up and gets so wasted ignoring bride and groom, toast that sounds more like a threat than a well-wish, wedding-crashers… you get the idea. Let’s hope none of those things happen on your wedding day or the next wedding you attend!

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