9/11 reunites friends after 13 years


Most people can remember where they were and what their reactions were to the shocking tragedy. I was driving to work listening to student radio BFM and thought it was some kind of sick hoax.

I wish it were. The stories that unraveled in the days and months to follow were sorrowful. That place in time was enough and the yearly anniversaries that follow, I bury my head in the sand and try not to get caught up in the sadness and futility that is war and what results from it.

But I was home alone on the weekend and My Darling had left the Discovery channel on and when a documentary about two incredibly brave and selfless heroes of 9/11 came on I felt I had to pay respect and watch it. Frank DeMartini and Pablo Ortiz happened to be unfortunate enough to be working on the 88th floor of the North Tower or the World Trade Centre. The 75+ people they helped rescue were the fortunate ones who’s lives they saved. For an understanding of events that happened on that day you can view the recounts of the people they helped save and tributes from their families by clicking here.

It truly is a remarkable story of unity, heroism, selflessness and thankfulness which puts your average daily dissatisfaction into clear perspective and if you are in need of a dose of humility and a serving of humble pie watch it. Have your box of tissues ready. Heroes of the 88th Floor.

The way life is there is always a balance. I very much doubt you could ever positively balance what happened that day out but I wanted to share the documentary and also find something remotely happy I could take out of 9/11. And funnily enough this story popped out at me on a page of the internet today.

It is a truly amazing story of a photo of a wedding group found in the World Trade Centre debris (amongst all 1.2 million tonnes of it) and the caretaker that persevered for 13 years to hand it back to its rightful owner. After 13 years of trying the caretaker finally does more than that, through ‪#‎twitter‬ and a share from US country singer and ‪#‎TheVoice judge ‪#‎BlakeShelton‬, she reunites a survivor of the WTC with a group of old friends. You have to read the full story here– it is a facinating story.

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