The soundtrack to your love story

Incorporating music into your wedding day is your chance to write a soundtrack to your love story!

I think this beautiful new Ed Sheeran ballad is going to be a popular choice this wedding season. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it!

And can you imagine the Bride and Groom learning the routine from this video and performing it for their first dance??!! (well, the easy parts anyway, unless you’re a professional dancer!) WOW!!!

Another idea is to use the lyrics from your favourite song and recite them as a Reading during your ceremony.

Music plays a big part in your wedding ceremony, as well as the reception. It conveys feelings that words alone cannot. It adds positive energy and atmosphere and can echo the words of the ceremony as well as your personalities.

Now we have iPods it makes things easy to DIY, and the traditional live music or djs are great. There are all kinds of live musicians available to hire for your big day and they will provide all the sound equipment.

If you are using an iPod think about a speaker system (and mic for your Celebrant is necessary) and remember to power up! Having someone reliable to take charge of this is imperative.

You can set the scene following this guideline:

Before the Ceremony starts | Quiet, calming, loving music

Bride/Groom entrance | Romantic, sentimental music

During the Signing of the legal documents | A song that has special significance – ‘your song’

Ceremony conclusion | Celebratory, grand finale song

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