Helpful Wedding Hint ♥ How to Pin Buttonholes & Corsages

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It’s not often you have to pin a buttonhole or corsage flower – until you’re involved in a wedding!

No matter how many you do, I don’t think they get any easier. As the wedding co-ordinator recently I was called on to help pin quite a few – at the last minute in the boiling afternoon heat it was quite a feat to get them positioned just right.

So you don’t get caught out here are some tips from Best Blooms in Auckland. You can also order a free Guide to Wedding Flowers.

Check out Blossom Wedding Flowers which I found has some great ideas for buttonholes and corsages and a great guide to monthly flowers for your wedding.

But my best helpful hint is to ask your florist to use magnets instead of pins – so much easier to attach to any suit or dress – and no danger of pin-pricked fingers!!

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