What women really want for Valentine's Day…

Women, apparently, don’t want chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day.

According to Birkbeck University and Harley Street clinics in London, it’s a romantic meal for two and sex toys.

After hooking up 20 volunteer couples to special electroenchephalogical (EEG) headsets, scientists measured women’s brain wave patterns in response to gifts from their partners.

The results showed that gifts most likely to make women smile are:

Romantic meal for two 75%

Female sex toys 65%

Lingerie 60%

Red roses 30%

Chocolates 25%

This is what brain does when it smiles, apparently:

With Smile

“Humans have a feel good factor which is activated by anything that promotes the survival of the species such as eating, drinking and sex. When receiving a gift, people are also able to think ahead and delay immediate gratification for a longer-term reward,” said independent psychologist Dr Beverly Steffert.

Of course, the commissioners the research, female sex toy brand Smile Makers, were more than pleased with the results.

“We love the fact that British women prefer gifts that demonstrate a sense of fun and imagination over traditional, clichéd presents like chocolates and roses,” said Peder Wikstroem at Smile Makers.

So, put away those bouquets and Milk Trays!

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