Beauty Guide to Say "I love you"

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I was in the health food store yesterday and picked up the Health 2000 magazine – full of great ideas to keep you in tip top shape… including this one by Denise Carter, their graphic designer and newlywed bride, which I wish I’d have followed a regime like this leading up to my big day…

Wanting a clear complexion for your wedding day? Long luscious locks and strong, beautiful nails? These were high on my “to do” list leading up to our big day last month, but I wanted to achieve it all naturally so I also looked great makeup-free afterwards – honeymooning Raro-style.

Six months before
Drink water, water and more water every day, to help shed weight, give you clearer skin, and flush out toxins.Start taking a multivitamin – I took HealthZone Multi Zone to boost my immunity and keep energy levels high. I had cut my hair short in 2013 and wanted it long for our big day, so I took a supplement containing silica, GO Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails. Also try less washing, blow-drying, and heat styling, to give those strands a rest and not create more split ends. Bring out your hair’s natural shine by taking vitamin B – try Lifestream Natural B-Complex.Start exercising (if you haven’t already).
Three months before
Up the ante on exercise and invest in a personal trainer, or train for an event (I ran in Round the Bridges) to get you motivated to lose excess kgs before your final dress fitting.
A month before – Eeek! This is getting real.
Not sleeping well? Too much “to do” on your mind can stress a bride-to-be out. Try taking magnesium, which helps relax mind and muscles (from all that strenuous exercise), or SleepDrops to support a good night’s sleep.Start exfoliating your skin top to toe once a week. Body brushing is a great way to detox skin, your biggest organ, and get it in great condition. If you need to apply a fake tan, Trilogy Instant Bronzing Gel is natural, and looks amazing.Sweating it out in a hot yoga class helps remove toxins, and slow stretching is a calm in all the craziness.Make an intensive home remedy hair treatment with Lifefoods Organic Coconut Oil. Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on or wrap in cling wrap, and leave for several hours. Coconut oil makes a great natural (and cheap) eye-makeup remover too!
Two weeks before
Wild hen’s parties can take their toll. Look after your liver with HealthZone Liver Zone to combat nasty pimple surprises from alcohol and chocolate. If constipated from bridal shower treats or too much salty food, try HealthZone Bowel Zone to flush everything out (you need bathroom access with this one).Detox – eat fresh fruit, veges and protein. Cut out gluten, refined sugars, dairy and caffeine. If you need help with recipes or food menus try a 7-day Detox kit.
The big day
If wedding nerves are getting the better of you, have a bridesmaid carry Rescue Remedy so you smile, rather than trip down the isle! The beaming face of your husband-to-be (because you look so damn irresistible) will be well worth all the effort!

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