Important things to remember for your Wedding Day…

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Get the marriage license The administrative details are the least fun to attend to, and the easiest to forget. But this piece of paper tells the state you are legally married and is, therefore, super important. When you work with Kimberly Sanders Marriage Celebrant, she’ll remind you!

Find the right bra The right bra will make you look infinitely better—trust us on this one. Get fitted by a professional and find the style that fits best with the cut of your dress. It will make all the difference—not only on your wedding day, but every day.

Break in your shoes You are about to have an incredible—and incredibly long—day. You’ll be on your feet for hours, so remember to get comfortable shoes and break them in early. Make sure your bridesmaids do the same!

Pack for your honeymoon If you’re jetting right after the wedding, pack before any nuptials festivities begin. That way, you won’t be frantically grabbing things the night before and, instead, you can enjoy that time with relatives and friends.

Shave! Or better still get a course of laser hair removal! Make sure your legs and underarms are smooth so that you don’t have to be self-conscious while you’re dancing or raising your glass for a toast. If you plan on changing into a shorter cocktail dress for your reception, take extra care to set a reminder.

Start your beauty treatment months in advance Or give yourself at least four weeks before your wedding date to get a facial or do anything else drastic different from your usual routine. You do NOT want your face to be red and sensitive on your big day.

Mind the sun If your wedding is outdoors when the sun is at its peak, prepare fans for your guests and remind them to wear sunglasses. Remember to time your ceremony appropriately so that guests are not in the heat for too long. And check out these handy hints.

Wedges (or barefeet) are the best for outdoor weddings Wedges are so much more convenient and easier to manoeuvre in than high heels, especially if your wedding is outdoors. Otherwise, you may end up getting stuck when you’re in the middle of walking down your grass aisle.

Wear a robe during hair and makeup Before you sit down for hair and makeup, make sure you and your bridesmaids are wearing robes or even hoodies you can easily take off without having to pull them over your heads. That way, your beauty looks will remain intact.

Remember essentials You carry them every day and you definitely don’t want to forget them on the BIG day. Carry your lippy, facial spritzer, perfume, oil-blotting papers and whatever else you may need in a chic clutch your maid of honor/mother/sister can carry or have nearby.

Check that sound system and remember batteries and chargers It would be a shame if you were surrounded by your friends and family, only to have them not hear your vows—which is what happened at our wedding (our sound guy completely dropped the ball). Kimberly will advise you whether you need a mic and speaker for your ceremony.

Drink up! And we don’t mean the champagne. Between the heat, dancing and celebratory toasts, you need to stay properly hydrated. Ask one of your bridesmaids to remind you to drink water throughout the day.

Schedule your photo shots Talk to your photographer about how much time he/she will require to get the shots you want and create gaps in the day accordingly.

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