Cute ways to include your pet in your wedding

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Our gorgeous little Jack Russell was our ring bearer! We were really nervous she might actually run off down the beach into the water with the rings being as energetic and uncontrollable as she is – so we entrusted her with my mother who tied the rings around her diamond studded dog collar and walked her up to the altar at the time of the ring exchange. It all went really smoothly and our cute dog stole the show!

Some other cute ways you can include your pet in your big day are:

Use your pet to propose!

Include your pet in your engagement photos.

Star your pet in your Save the Date or Wedding Stationery.

Get them to hold wedding day signage.

Use them to escort you or your bridal party down the aisle.

Carry them down the aisle instead of a bouquet!

If your pet is a horse, ride them to the ceremony or reception.

Include them in your vows.

And make sure you not only have someone keep an eye on them so they don’t get into any mischief – make sure they have plenty of water, food, a quiet space and shade too. It helps to have someone take them for a massive run and work off some of that excitable energy beforehand!

Check out the adorable photos here.

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