Top Tips for Bridesmaids

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First of all, rent the movie ‘Bridesmaids’ for what NOT to do!!
As hysterical as that movie was it would not be so funny in real life.

Avoid any misunderstandings and make sure the Bride & her Bridesmaids are on the same page right from the start with these top tips to help you make it to the wedding day unfrazzled…

Maid of Honour
This duty is like a head Bridesmaid – she will be in charge of all the Brides needs on the day – and delegating – basically she needs to be a bit bossy!
Chose your most reliable friend and not your teenage neice.

Dress & Shoes
Usually Bridesmaids will cover the cost of their own dress and shoes.
Agree the maximium cost before starting to shop, keeping in mind the dress will probably never be worn again.
Alterations are not allowed unless with the Bride’s approval.
If the Bride has the budget – she can certainly gift this to her Bridesmaids.

Hair & Makeup
Because the Bridesmaids are paying for their own dress and shoes – as well as the Hen Party, they deserve a little love from the Bride.
Makeup artists will give you a good discount for a bridal party booking.

Bridal Shower & Hen Party
This is a fun bridesmaid responsibility. Bridesmaids should cover the creative development and costs involved – but consult the Bride regarding definite DO NOTs! Some Brides just are not into tequila slammers or strippers and some really are!!
Check this Hen Party How To out.

Wedding Rehearsal
Bridesmaids, like the rest of the Bridal Party and key people, must attend the rehearsal so they are confident in their role on the day.

Good luck!!

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