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Giving favours at your wedding is a unique and special way to thank each guest for their presence and support. Choosing your wedding favours however, can be a challenge because there are so many awesome ideas out there… What should you include? How should you present it? What’s the difference between cool or tacky? To help you choose a wedding favour perfect for your theme here are some tips for creating a unique gift your guests will be sure to love!auckland wedding celebrant lucky in love kimberly sanders wedding favours

Something Beautiful

Pretty Packaging
Packaging is perhaps the most important aspect of the wedding favour design. Your wedding theme, colour scheme, and personal touch, can all be reflected through your favours. All the photos included in this article are lovely examples of nicely presented wedding favours.

Tags are a usual addition to any wedding favour. Some details to include might be the wedding date, the name of the couple, and a thank-you message. These tags are the perfect place to add a bit of pizazz with glitter, ink, or colourful ribbon.

Written content
While it’s not imperative that a wedding favour includes any written content, this might be a nice place to express your gratitude for the guests’ attendance, especially since you won’t get a chance to talk to everyone on the day. Little phrases such as, “Sending you ‘smore love”, or “You’re tea-rific”, are two cute examples.

Special Touch
By adding a personal touch to your wedding favours, every guest will feel included in the celebration. The favour itself could be something that is special to you as a couple, like a favourite food, song, or item.

It is imperative that your wedding favour fits the theme. A cute jam jar tied with twine could fit a rustic wedding, a coloured bag of sherbet would suit a “bold & bright” theme, and a bag of lavender might fit nicely in a vintage themed wedding.

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Something Useful

Lasting memories
It’s a great idea to give your guests something to keep that reminds them of your wedding day. Ornaments, candles, or personalised teaspoons are a few examples of wedding favours that will last longer than a year.

Practical Gift
A wedding favour with a practical use, such as a hanky, bottle opener, mini blackboard, or cork coaster, is a smart idea. Every time your guest uses the item, they will be reminded of your beautiful wedding day of which they were a part.

Pamper Me
This is something especially for the ladies. Home-made body scrub, a nail-polish, or a sample of hand cream could be the perfect, personalised wedding favour.

Tuning In
A cd for the road, or a compilation of you and your fiance’s favourite tunes, are two unique & thoughtful ideas.

Alive & Growing
A small potted succulent, or a packet of seeds are two popular wedding favour choices at the moment. The guests can take these home and watch them grow – a wonderful reminder of the love growing between the two of you!

For the Kids
If you’ve invited children to your wedding, chances are, at least one of them will get bored or fidgety. Here’s why the inclusion of some children’s wedding favours would be a great idea! Colouring-in sets, or chalk drawing boards are two neat ideas.


Something Fun

Accessorise Me
Get everyone to join in the fun by wearing something cute and personalised on the big day. Temporary tattoos of love hearts or cupid arrows could be worn, or perhaps a bow or flower for the guests to place in their hair or pin to their shirt.

Sprinkle & Throw
This is a fun one! Flower petals, sachets of glitter, or paper cones filled with rice could be passed out during the ceremony or during the reception for the guests to shower you with as you walk down the aisle or leave the reception venue.

Smelling Good
A scented favour is another popular, but timeless idea. This could be in the form of a scented candle, a potpourri bag, or perfumed wardrobe sachet.

A Little Different
If you’re a couple who don’t want a classic wedding, you might want a wedding favour that’s a little different. A margarita salt and cocktail rimming sugar kit could be just the thing!

Exciting Activities
If you want your guests to be involved, it’s a great idea to make a wedding favour that gets them up and doing something. Sparklers or bubbles, for instance, would be a fun activity for guests to participate in at some point during the reception (a great photo opportunity as well!).

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Something Tasty

Sweet Treats
Everyone loves a wedding favour that they can eat! Biscotti, chocolates, or lollies are a few ideas. These could be kept for later, or eaten during the speeches – something to tide your guests over until dessert.

Yummy Beverages
A bottle of coca cola, a mini bottle of liqueur, or a bag of loose-leaf herbal tea make for unique and affordable favours. These could become first toast material during the reception or be taken home to enjoy later.

Popping Corn
This is the cutest wedding favour in our opinion! A little jar of corn kernels, or a cone filled with flavoured popcorn is a gorgeous idea. A few examples are shown in the image above.

Instead of including a pre-made edible treat, what about including ingredients for the guests to put together themselves? A container filled with a mocha mix for example, could be the perfect wedding favour.

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