What to do if it rains…

Every bride planning a summer wedding hopes for sunshine.

Sadly, Mother Nature is just about the one thing that a Bride just cannot control!

So, if it rains on your big day – here are a few things to make you smile again…

Remember the most important thing is not the weather – but the fact you are marrying the love of your life!

You are going to get some unique, amazing photos! Have colourful umbrellas and gumboots on hand!

Rain is actually considered lucky – it is seen as a cleansing, start of a new phase, fertility and growth!

Your Rain Day venue may turn out to be even better than your first choice. Friends of mine were planning their ceremony on a hilltop with a spectacular view, however when the gale force winds kicked in the ceremony was moved to the reception venue built over the ocean so the wild crashing waves were really atmospheric.

Your flowers won’t wilt.

You will be able to keep your cool in your big dress!

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