Wedding Fashion throughout the years

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My Darling and I were guests recently at a friends milestone 70th birthday celebration. As part of the celebrations there was a slideshow running – showcasing memorable photographs of the birthday boy over the decades.

The best photograph of all I thought was of him and his beautiful Bride on their wedding day way back in the early 70s! If I recall there may have been a ruffled shirt involved, but what stood out for me was the the Brides fabulous ‘sun hat’. (Well, I was promptly told it was not a ‘sun hat’ but in fact the proper name for it is a ‘picture hat’! ; ) )

Apparently the hat caused quite a family dilemma. The mother of the Bride was most upset that her daughter was going ‘modern’ and not wearing a traditional veil.

Luckily the family were able to move on and celebrate the joyous occasion and the happy couple are still very happily married 40-odd years later!

Our Bride was kind enough to share their photo with us. Whatever the name I think it brilliantly captures the fashion of that era… and doesn’t the Bride look so pretty!!

Thank you Marie!!! xxx

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