Leap year proposals ♥ ladies pop the question

February 29th is the day women can ask men to marry them, and there is a great/bad romcom called Leap Year that is all about a Leap Year proposal

“I’m not going to die without getting engaged!” shrieks Amy Adams during a turbulent flight in the 2010 geographically challenged rom-com Leap Year. Adams’s character Anna follows her boyfriend (who hasn’t proposed yet) to a conference in Dublin, after her tipsy father tips her off about the Irish tradition of women proposing on leap year.

Due to bad weather, her plane is diverted to Wales where Anna then gets a ferry to Kerry where she meets the “lovable” Irish rogue Declan who ends up driving her to Dublin to catch her man in time for February 29th.

An Irish journalist who investigated the history of this odd Leap Year tradition is attributed to a deal that St Brigid of Kildare made with St Patrick in the fifth century. She contacted a number of social historians and folklore experts to confirm this, but no one could definitively tell her about any recorded references or proof of the origins of the tradition of women proposing on leap-year day.

However there was plenty of information about matchmaking and marriage in the archives, and also about the taunting of unmarried persons, whether male or female: it makes for uncomfortable reading at times, she said.

Even if you do like quirky traditions, any time of the year women have just as much right to propose as a man. If it is an equal relationship, there should be no problem with a woman proposing marriage.

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