Love Stories ♥ Princess Mary & Prince Frederik

Click here first to watch the ‘scandalous’ trailer:–love-story-just-doesnt-ring-true-20151116-gkyjys.html

There’s a new telemovie out Mary: The Making of a Princess. This is the story of a fateful encounter and the life changing choices that led to one of Australia’s and the world’s most recognisable and romantic love stories.

Being fitted for her designer wedding dress, Mary Donaldson (Emma Hamilton), hardy middle-class daughter of Tasmania about to marry Denmark’s Crown Prince, Frederik (Ryan O’Kane), wonders if her story is propagating the “Princess Myth”, the fantasy packaged to young girls of being magically elevated into royalty.

Apparently Mary’s stylist – reassures her by saying that any time two people find their true love it’s a fairytale.

One reviewer says the film-makers do take a few moments to explore the less savoury aspects of Mary’s fairytale romance – loss of identity, the vagaries of royal life, giving up her Australian citizenship, the ever-present paparazzi – but for the most part Mary is surrounded by friendly courtiers, including a hairdresser (“We are going to be best friends!”) and a stylist who are so conspicuously nice that if this were a Disney film they’d be Mary’s animal friends turned by magic into humans.

I found this old youtube video of the couples ‘Engagement Day’. Mary doesn’t even sound bloody Australian! And this real life snapshot is pretty rehearsed and dull.

If you’re a sucker for a fairytale, this is the one to watch. Based on a true love story, with lots of embellished facts straight out of Woman’s Weekly, what more could you want on a girls night in!! Judging by the Engagement Day video I think it will probably be much more fun than the true story!

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