Ways to Keep Your Romance Alive

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In a perfect world, each moment of a relationship would be like that weak-kneed romantic scene in The English Patient when Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas finally get together. So what keeps us from living that swoony, loopy-in-love life? Nothing more than getting stuck in the same day-in, day-out patterns and letting gushiness shift to the back burner. Okay, maybe that and the lack of a beautiful African desert background. Read this easy but so-worth-it way to jump-start both of your hearts and pack as much lovey-doveyness as possible into your daily do. That means seizing every opportunity to sweeten up even the most seemingly unsentimental times together. So ban the quick kiss, share a sexy secret code … and think of other itty-bitty ways to make him lovesick for you every day of the week.

Transform Dinner into Dining
That midweek post-grind meal you devour together? Make it register off the mush-o-meter with some tiny adjustments to the atmosphere. Pull out your nicest dishes and light a couple of candles, even if you’re just having takeout pizza. It’s the mood, not the food, that sets a romantic scene. So stick a bouquet of daisies from the dairy in the center of the table, lower the lights, and turn up the romantic music. And they do say the way to a mans heart is through is stomach!!

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