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On a community facebook page someone recently asked if having their wedding during the week was a good idea because they didn’t feel they could ask their guests to have a day off work. Here are some of the comments:
My comment was: “I’ve married people on all weekdays! It’s a great excuse for your guests to have a day (or two) off work! Your chosen venue will be much less busy if you are getting married in a public setting and if you’re hiring a venue weekdays are quieter and the venue team will be more focussed on you plus fees are generally more economical weekdays v Fri, Sat, Sun!”
“Usually a cheaper option for you and less busy and the important people will make the time.”
“Screw your guests the presents are never worth more than what they’ll eat and drink anyway …I recommend gapping it and spending the 10/15G the wedding will cost on a holiday.”
“I’ve learnt, when it comes to your wedding always do what is best for you (the bride and groom). It’s no one else’s day but yours – so just do at works for you? plus it’s amazing how many people will welcome a long weekend”
“I got married on a Wednesday. It meant not as many people on the beach 🙂 It was also cheaper.”
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