New Year’s Eve Proposal

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Planning on popping the question this New Years? Here are some reasons why you definitely picked the right time!

There are many times throughout the year that can be marked as the perfect day for proposing. But a New Year’s Eve proposal is extra magical. Here are some reasons why…

Symbolic Meaning

You’re about to embark on a new journey already with the New Year approaching– why not start a new journey in your relationship as well?

He/She’ll already be dressed up

While some boys/girls won’t admit it, we all secretly hope that we’ll look drop-dead gorgeous during our proposal and New Years Eve is the night your partner will be glammed up already.

Share the moment with friends

It can be a headache to organize all your loved ones in one place randomly throughout the year if you want to share in your proposal. But New Year’s Eve gives you the perfect excuse to be able to propose in front of your favorite people. If your partner values sharing moments with friends and family, they’ll definitely enjoy a New Years proposal.

Bubbly is already on standby

For many couples, toasting to the next step in their relationship comes later at an engagement party or when telling the parents over dinner. However for New Year’s Eve proposers, chances are you’ll already have champagne on hand!

You can’t forget your Proposal-versary

Let’s face it– it’s hard enough to remember your wedding anniversary let alone when you propose! If you propose on New Year’s Eve– you’ll never ever forget when that special moment happened.

Good luck and happy New Years proposing!

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