5 people you want at your wedding

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Every couple wants an amazing wedding, here’s five people you should invite to push it from great to out of this world awesome.
1. An awesome wedding celebrant 

Your marriage celebrant is the first act of the day. The first person to get on a microphone and set the tone for the whole event. They speak life into your marriage and they inject a personal meaningful shot into the arm of your wedding. You can not fail by inviting an awesome celebrant into your wedding. Hint: Lucky in Love Marriage Celebrant Kimberly Sanders – me ; )

2. A spectacular DJ 

Wedding DJs are way better than they used to be. Not only do they bring the good audio gear so your tipi feels like a nightclub, but they know how to make a party with music. Search for a DJ that knows the music you love and knows how to work the dancefloor into a frenzy and the canapés into a jive fest. Check out www.dj4you.co.nz

3. A rocking musician

Live music, there’s nothing like it. Get one of these guys into your ceremony, your cocktail hour, your dinner party, the dancefloor, you can’t go wrong with a vocalist and a guitarist. If you want to go extra fancy get the whole band.
4. A kickass bartender

Whether they’re manning the whiskey bar or popping caps off craft beers the bartender is the secret service of your wedding. They know everything, everyone, and they’ll make or break your party.
5. A photographer with social skills

Your wedding photographer is going to be hanging out with you all day. Find someone you don’t want to lie to about why everyone is going into the next room without them. It doesn’t hurt if they take sweet pics too, but if you can’t get along with your wedding photographer like an old mate over a beer then fire them quickstart and find a person with a camera with a sense of humour quick! BLUSH Photography will put you at ease and capture your beautiful memories.

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