Famous Love Stories ♥ Elizabeth Bennett & Mr Darcy

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Jane Austen personified two attributes of human nature – pride and prejudice in Darcy and Elizabeth. Darcy comes from a very high social hierarchy and typifies the educated aristocracy while on the other hand, Elizabeth is the second daughter of a gentleman of modest means. Mr. Bennett has five daughters who have been allowed to grow up the way they wanted – no school education or any governess at home. Elizabeth’s very indulgent mother and irresponsible father never gave any thought to the future of the daughters as it is always taken for granted they will “do well” for themselves. To a woman of Mrs. Bennett’s understanding, doing well exclusively means finding a rich, well-to-do husband. For a man of Darcy’s social stature, these were very serious failings of the family and totally unacceptable to his polished, educated and refined mind. Darcy adores his family estate and the future mistress of that estate must be just as polished and refined and from an equally prestigious family. He however falls in love with Elizabeth only to be refused by her initially, and then much later she realized that she can love no one but Darcy. How they become united and understand the love for each other makes a very interesting read.

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