????‍♂️Awaken Your Goddess????‍♀️

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And send your partner some hints to visit @WickenJewellery for an Engagement Ring! I was walking from Ponsonby Central across the road at the bollard crossing thingey outside SPQR and did a little Tinkerbell flutter when I found myself standing in front of the magical @WickenJewellery, a new store which harnesses the ancient symbols and knowledge of wicca, combined with protective and positive crystals.

All jewels are prettily displayed with the meanings behind them and the lovely Kim will help you choose a handcrafted piece which reflects your inner goddess and/or bring you the energy you need. The Swarovski pink topaz ring, Love Nest, pictured will bring you good fortune in love. It enhances the heart chakra and is known to bring genuine love. The vibration of love it engenders is very powerful and the longer the stone is in your aura the ore chance it has to do its work! #wickenjewellery

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