💍 When & How to Propose Marriage

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Woohoooo!! You’re thinking about proposing marriage to your one true love!!! But when and how do you propose marriage?

This is a major life decision ~ and you want to make your proposal memorable right?!

For you, that might mean dropping to bended knee while binge watching your fave tv show – or creating a romantic movie worthy moment with a dream setting!

Whatever your style I know you’re probably feeling nervous…

Luckily, I’m here to help you! From understanding the signs your partner’s ready for you to propose to knowing when and how to propose marriage, I’m going to make sure you know what you’re doing!

Hi! I’m Kimberly Sanders ~ your Auckland Wedding Celebrant.

I loved crafting my own Wedding Day so much I decided to do it all over again… for other lucky in love couples!

When is the right time to propose marriage?

You’ve spent time dating. You’ve said those 3 little words. You’ve built a solid relationship finding out about each others likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams and expectations for the future and what that looks like. You’ll be at a point where your friend circles have merged and your families adore each of you (ideal scenario). And then you realize that you cannot live without each other ~ life is better together.

When you’re this entwined as a couple… you’ll know when the time is right for a proposal… and your partner will sense it – but there is no fixed rule for — when, where, or how.

And that’s what makes it sooooo exciting!!!

I’m not going to lie ~ all these details to plan a proposal, are a little nerve wracking!
The pressure of finding the perfect engagement ring is probably top of your list. Of course, you could just ask her what she likes or offer to take her ring shopping, but if that’s not either of your style and you want more mystery, you’ll need to find out what is going to get you the reaction you want!!

5 ways to choose the perfect engagement ring…

1. Talking about friends’ engagement rings… listen up for what she/he liked or didn’t like. Subtley ask what her/his idea of the perfect ring is!! Just get it out there!!!

2. Leaving magazines open all over the place…on pages that feature engagement rings. Start paying attention – your sweetheart is trying to , tell you something!!! Especially if the ads are bookmarked LOL Seriously — this happens.

3. Conveniently leaving a laptop open…  to a ‘secret’ engagement ring Pinterest board.

4. Best friends or family are dropping hints,,, if you get an offer of help to choose a ring – you can guarantee your partner has set this up – so breath a sigh of relief – you’re onto a winner!!

5. They wake up and says “I had the best dream that you proposed to me”! No explanation needed LOL

Should You Ask Her Father’s Permission to Propose?

Ok this is soooo outdated however asking the bride’s father/parents for permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage is traditional and respectful thing to do. The older generation will most likely expect it so do what feels right for you.

Parents have a natural protective relationship with their little girl – so if you ask their permission you’ll earn extra brownie points from them and your bride-to-be!!

Top tips

✅ Tell them how much you love their daughter and how you believe that marriage is a sacred bond and once-in-a-lifetime moment you want to share with their daughter.
✅Re assure them that you’ll treat her with all the respect and care she deserves.
✅ Speak from the heart, use your charming smile and tell them all the things that makes their little girl ‘the one’ and that you are better together!
✅ Meet in person. If you can’t set up a zoom call.
✅ Generate an air of dependability – don’t be late or reschedule your meeting!

Should you propose intimately or in front of family & friends?

It all depends on your partners preference. Do they usually like to celebrate major occasions with EVERYONE? Or do they like to keep things to themselves?

Can you, the one doing the proposing, perform under pressure of an audience?? It can be nerve wracking enough just the two of you!

Personally I believe your marriage is about the two of you so propose privately. If you’re close to your families, plan a big celebration afterwards. Then you have the best of both worlds.

How to Pop the Question

If you’re reading this, you’re ready to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. And because you’re taking the time to research, it means you want to make it as special and original as possible.

Just to reiterate, how you pop the question can really set the tone for the engagement and the marriage. We know it’s a major experience planning it all. The key is to remember to always stay calm and confident.

Here’s some helpful advice that will help make the moment meaningful!

Add Some Bling

Seal the deal with some sort of ring when you pop the big question. Even if it’s just a temporary jewelry store loaner or a seashell, a family heirloom or a dream ring. Rewind and read about how to choose the perfect ring!!

💍 Make It Original

💍 Show your person why they should spend the rest of her life with you and what you love about them.

💍 Try to incorporate aspects of your relationship into the event. Going back to the location of your first date is super cute or planning a day’s worth of events you both love, culminating with your proposal.

💍 Ask family and friends for ideas

💍 We know that this day is about you and your boo but find out ideas from your nearest and dearest for inspiration.

Get Down on One Knee

Why do we get down on one knee? Who knows. But it’s a chilvalrous touch!

Still Nervous about how to propose marriage?

A good dose of nerves shows how much this means to you! Take deep breaths and just focus on that excited YES you’re going to get!!!

If we haven’t met before I’m Kimberly Sanders, from Lucky in Love Weddings!

My couples say I’m a playful and professional Marriage Officiant/Celebrant – depending what part of the world you’re in.

Plus I’m a captivating wedding reception MC / Master of Ceremonies who can bring 20+ years of events expertise to your wedding!

You’ll get all the wedding feels when I create a bespoke and breathtaking wedding day for you, celebrating your epic love story!

📩 Think I could be the Celebrant, MC or Co-ordinator for you ~ choose your wedding experience package and  book a complimentary consultation!!

Wishing you lots of love and fun!!
Kimberly x