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♥ The Newlywed Game ♥

This game is also known as the Shoe Game – instead of holding the Brides Bouquet and the Grooms handkerchief – try holding each others shoes. (Saves a bit of confusion too.)
This couples answers are hilarious – and great MC too : )

Pirate Pastafarian Wedding ♥ WTF


Did you see the news tonight? I’m an Independent Marriage Celebrant meaning I believe couples should celebrate their marriage in the way they want, but I’m just not sure what to think about this.
While I was marrying a gorgeous couple in a very traditional church with a beautifully touching ceremony some crazy couple in NZ were being married on a pirate ship, dressed as pirates and wearing colanders of spaghetti – all in the name of a ridiculous satirical ‘religion’ called the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster with followers dubbed Pastafarians.
I’m all for a good pirate wedding and would love to officiate one, however when the registrar general can grant this non-traditional sect an official celebrant – and not allow Ratafari or Jedi to become celebrants, it’s just not cool.
The main thing is this couple expressed their personalities and love in the way they wanted to (which is what every wedding I perform is like – except my couples don’t need outrageous costumes or cooked pasta to celebrate their love and commitment to one another)!
Wouldn’t you love to be married by Chewbacca, Yoda and Princess Leia?!
May the force be with you.



Affordable wedding dresses

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Not all of us want to, or have a budget, to spend on a $5000 wedding gown. And saving money by ordering online direct from China is pretty risky (as I sadly discovered myself).

So I’m excited to say last week, Swedish fast fashion retailer H&M launched its first ever bridal collection. Prices for the wedding dresses, which are part of the retailer’s “Conscious Exclusive” collection and made from organic fabrics, start at just $269. The most you will pay is $599. The pic is of the H&M range and it looks like there’s something for everyone (my fave is the one on the far right).

The launch of the affordable wedding gowns, comes just weeks after fellow fast fashion giant ASOS launched its first bridal collection to the Australian market. Prices for ASOS’ wedding gowns, which include full-length and knee-skimming varieties, start from as little as $137.

Plus NZ label moochi offer some very simple and elegant bridesmaids gowns – which could be customised as a wedding dress too.

Remember there’s always Wedding Buy or Sell New Zealand – find them on facebook.

Happy Shopping!


lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shore

Happy Anniversary My Darling Husband!! xxx

This is a photo of the banner I organised as a surprise for My Darling on our wedding day! It flew over our beach ceremony just after we were pronounced Husband and Wife!

It was very cool!

When I’m conducting a ceremony and it comes to the conclusion – it always seems like it’s over all too quickly – such a beautiful occasion I want my Brides and Grooms to be in the moment as long as possible. Most Brides I know always look back and think ‘it all just went too fast’. With all the effort that goes into planning, the wedding day does seem to speed by, so here’s a few tips:

♥ Savour each and every moment planning your big day and don’t sweat the small stuff.

♥ Choose people to support you that you know you can count on to make your day a success – then you can simply turn up, relax and have fun!

♥ Pre-plan as much as possible, get your checklist ticked off sooner rather than later and don’t leave things to the last minute.

♥ Make sure you take time out to chill out with your loved one on regular date nights in the weeks leading up to your big day -no wedding talk allowed!

♥ Make it memorable, whether you hire aerial advertising like I did, dress your bridesmaids in contrasting striking colours or personalise your wedding favours beautifully – have at least one standout signature that will wow your guests.

♥ At your reception, steal a few moments alone with your partner – it’s all about you two!


Stunning Wedding Venues ♥ the Wharf

lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shore

There is only one word to describe the Wharf wedding venue on Northcote Point – SPECTACULAR!!!

Can you imagine being married looking over the stunning Auckland Harbour Bridge lit up at night, or dining with a picture postcard view of sunset over the Waitakeres or in the Oyster Room surrounded by ocean and native Pōhutukawa trees?

Topped off with the finest cuisine, friendliest service and convenience of a venue where you can hold your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception – all in seperate rooms, with a different look and feel?

It’s old world elegance with a modern twist!

The Wharf’s wedding showcase today brought the venue to life. I was there as preferred Marriage Celebrant. Other specially selected wedding vendors were DJ4You to set the scene and get the party started, tasty treats and wedding cakes from Magnolia Kitchen, First Class Classics to chauffeur you in style and the breathtaking Perry Trotter Photography.

I look forward to marrying you there!

Wedding Traditions ♥ the Veil

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You may not think you’re the kind of girl to wear a veil (like I did) but wait til you try one on with your dress! You feel all that much more princessy!!

The veiling of the bride has origins in the idea that she’s vulnerable to enchantment, so she must be hidden from evil spirits. The Romans veiled brides in flame-colored veils to actually scare off those spirits.

And in an arranged marriage, there is always the threat that the groom, who is perhaps seeing the bride for the first time, won’t like what he sees!

If you’re religious, the veil is a sign of humility and respect before God during your ceremony.

The Victorians turned that reverence into a status symbol. During Victorian times, when archaic customs were formally incorporated into proper weddings, the weight, length and quality of the veil was a sign of the bride’s status. Royal brides had the longest veils and the longest trains (think Princess Di).

Nowadays the tradition is more of a finishing touch in wedding fashion. It’s the icing on the cake, so to speak, that pulls together the hair and the dress.

Just keep in mind if you’re getting married outdoors and it’s windy your veil is likely to be annoyingly flapping in the wind slightly distracting you from your handsome Groom and your marriage ceremony. (Like mine did, I wish I’d have taken a moment to take it off my head like my sensible Bride yesterday stopped and did!)

Safer options to style it up on your big day are a tiara (it doesn’t have to be massive and gaudy) or flowers – fabric, crystal or real.

Or you could simply have a beautiful hairstyle. Whatever you choose, I am sure there will be alcoholic spirits only on your special day!

Valentines Day ♥ Stardome Observatory

lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shore lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shore

I heard the ad for this today…and thought I have to tell you what a cool Valentine’s Date Night it is! Me and My Darling went a few years ago. The Adopt a Star gift you get is awesome too. If you go, get to the observatory early though so you don’t miss out on the treats!

Want to impress on Valentine’s Day? Give your date the stars with a romantic evening at Stardome.

Grab a ticket and take all the credit for a memorable Valentine’s night.

We’ve turned up the romance with a night sky show that pays tribute to the most romantic celestial objects.

Tickets also include bubbles on arrival and canapes to be enjoyed before the show, while exploring the Space Gallery and Exhibits (hand-holding is encouraged).

You’ll also be treated to a Rush Munro‘s ice cream and a gift box that includes a bottle of bubbles, two champagne flutes, chocolate and an Adopt a Star pack!

Check out booking times here.

Wedding Fashion ♥ Princess Di

lucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shorelucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shorelucky in love marriage celebrant auckland weddings matakana waiheke kumeu north shore

If you’re my age or older you’ll remember the wedding of the century – Princess Diana and her meringue dress (forget Prince Charles, it was all about the dress) with mutton leg sleeves!

According to the trashy book I just read ‘Wedding Babylon: Confessions of a Wedding Planner’ the iconic dress became world famous accidentally. Vogue magazine faked an article about wedding dresses, asking loads of designers to send in sketches for a target audience of young country brides – not the most popular girl of the moment.

Apparently off the back of this Elizabeth and David Emmanuel stole the job from some of the bigger names.

The craziest thing was not that we all thought it was the most amazing wedding gown (of the time) – but the over-the-top 25 foot train which the bridesmaids must have had a lot trouble arranging.

And then Brides for almost the next decade all brides wanted to be a Princess and meringue dresses and stupid puffy sleeves were seen everywhere!

Lucky in Love ♥ Marriage Celebrant, Auckland ♥ Kimberly Sanders
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