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♥ The Newlywed Game ♥

This game is also known as the Shoe Game – instead of holding the Brides Bouquet and the Grooms handkerchief – try holding each others shoes. (Saves a bit of confusion too.)
This couples answers are hilarious – and great MC too : )

How to have a Love Actually Christmas

When December swings around, many of us indulge in one holiday tradition or another. For some it’s setting up a Christmas tree just so, for others it’s to go on a wild gingerbread house-baking spree.

One thing that everyone seems to hold dear is a go-to holiday film they screen every year – and one of those is Love Actually. Octopus costumes! Dancing Hugh Grant! First love! Emma Thomson bawling her eyes out to Joni Mitchell. Personally, I have to say I am not a Love Actually fan, but I know alot of you are – and for those of you who are not but believe in love, here’s how to have a lucky in love Xmas Love Actually style…

Dance like nobody’s watching: CC: Hugh Grant The Prime Minister. And Sarah when she (nearly) bags Karl (sob).

Create a new swearword: Go on, get creative and make something Billy Mack would be proud of. Someone is bound to piss you off royally during the silly season.

Seduce a politician: Or two, if you’re a bit of a Natalie.

Learn a musical instrument to impress your true love: If it worked for young Sam, and countless nerds who have gone on to become rock stars, you’ve got a shot.

Go skinny-dipping: We have the good fortune of our Christmas being in Summer, plus glorious beaches – so no need to dive head first into a conspicuous lake.

Spend Christmas in a foreign country: If the geeky awkward guy managed to bag a bunch of babes via his cheeky accent, perhaps you will too.

Embrace the emotive female-driven pop: Dido, SugarBabes, Girls Aloud, Mariah… need we go on?

Tell someone you love them: Holding up giant cards declaring, “Just because it’s Christmas” “(and at Christmas you tell the truth)” :’(

Spend some quality time with a close mate: Christmas doesn’t have to be all about family, you know. Bring over a bottle of something and reminisce about the years gone by.

Christmas wrap like a BOSS: Who would have thought Mr Bean was such a precise prezzie wrapper?

Perform your favourite Christmas song with ‘new and improved’ lyrics: Performance must include saucy back-up dancers.

Throw a dress up party: We hear lobsters and octopi make great costumes, even if eight is a lot of legs.

Stand up for yourself: Prime Minister Hugh was not going to just stand there and let President Billy Bob violate “Britain”, so if you’ve got something to say, now’s your chance.

Flirt in a strange situation: It will make for a great story later – and after all, it panned out for John and Judy.

Embrace the PDA: Go on, propose to your partner with a whole Portuguese village watching, or launch yourself onto your lover at the airport, we won’t judge.

Surrender to the total agony of being in love. Sam may be young, but he knows what’s up.

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♥ Special Wedding Day Touches ♥

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A meaningful touch to your Wedding Day is a ‘Fight Box’. Before your big day, find a beautiful wooden box, a bottle of wine (if you drink), and two glasses. Write love notes to each other, explaining your feelings as you prepare to start your new life together as marriage partners. Seal your letter without letting your soon-to-be read what you’ve written.

During the ceremony, place the love notes inside the wooden box with the wine and glasses. Take turns hammering the box shut, one nail at a time, until the box is sealed.

Agree to keep the box sealed until a special anniversary, like your 10th or 20th, unless you hit a rough patch. Then, break open the box, pour the wine, read the letters, and reminisce about what brought you together!

Celebrity Bridal Gowns ♥ Kate Middleton

When the Duchess of Cambridge got married on April 29, 2011, over 2 billion people watched the royal wedding. Fortunately, Kate did not disappoint. Her bridal gown was created by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. It was made with hand-cut English lace and French Chantilly and was conceptualized by the Duchess herself.

???? Congratulations Mr & Mrs Pirrit! ????

It is with great pleasure I share this photo with you! 

My gorgeous friends Teresa and Mark tied the knot on Waiheke Island this weekend in a ceremony true to their personalities and style. 

Our Groom waited (with a good dose of nerves) for his beautiful Bride, chauffeured in their cool American muscle car, who looked absolutely stunning like a fairytale princess! 

It was even more exciting than usual officiating for friends and I was very happy to be part of their big day.