Celebrity Weddings | Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Ok! I never thought I’d admit it, but I adore the Kardashians! I was home sick one day last week and flicking through tv channels found E! One of the girls at work was raving about how she was addicted to Keeping up with the Kardashians and all the other tv show spin-offs and I was a bit mortified, but curious to see for myself. Most reality tv show is pretty tacky lets face it (think Jersey Shore and even worse if that’s possible Geordie Shore!), everyone’s just making a quick buck – and really what sort of person opens their private lives to the public?

But I have to say I am hooked – I wasn’t drawn into the glamour lifestyle the gorgeous girls live, but the fact they seem quite nice, down to earth and share some very comedic moments did keep me watching. And I am amazed, and not sure how much is scripted or not, but. there are even some good moral and social messages in there as well. Most of all – I like their idea of family and partnership/marriage. And romance. Unlike The Bachelor/Bachelorette none of it’s staged. At least it looks that way – until they file for divorce in the next episode!!

The latest love story is Kim’s. She’s had a whirlwind romance and last month was given a 2 million dollar engagement ring from her pro sportsman boyfriend Kris Humphries!

Check out her gorgeous bridal shower here!

Then there was the wicked Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas!

And tomorrow is the BIG day!! I’m sure it will be one to remember…I’ll keep you posted!

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