500 Days of Summer

Maybe this should be a blog about pop culture? My inspiration seems to come from alot of movies…

Anyone who’s seen this one will agree it’s gorgeous. The love story, the graphics, the quirkiness – so cute.

Basically it’s all about a boy who has very romantic ideals – love at first sight, thunderbolts and lightning, that sort of thing (usually the kind of role a female plays in a romcom) and he falls for Summer – a girl who doesn’t believe in love. She’s basically a bitch until she finds love – but not with the gorgeous romantic boy.

It’s a story about being totally in awe of someone, giving your heart to them and having them break it for you. But finding the hope to move past the pain so you don’t miss other opportunities which could be even more amazing.

My favourite scene is the one where the boy has just had a blissful night with Summer – and as he’s walking to work he is so euphoric he could be dancing through the streets… complete with dancing workmen, a full marching band and the little bluebird of happiness!


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