The Vampire Diaries

I’m addicted to this show. I still don’t have a tv yet – and I’m not really missing it. But I HAVE to sink my teeth into The Vampire Diaries each week! I could buy the whole series on DVD I guess, but it’s my one little decadent fancy, so I just patiently wait for each episode to air on tv.

I’m way too old to have a schoolgirl crush on any of the characters – but they are quite dishy – and I can see why the teens love it. No wonder the lead character Elena is having a love triangle with the Salvatore brothers.

I think we’re a series behind in NZ – and I hope the storyline doesn’t become as lost as LOST (which was the other show Ian Somerhalder was in). But right now, the twists and unexpected turns are so compelling. Excuse the pun!! haha

Who is your favourite Salvatore brother – Damon or Stefan??

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