Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Dress

Big fat gypsy wedding

Wow – I got a shock last week when I was doing the rounds delivering my flyers to bridal dress boutiques. I mentioned I had just got engaged and they all told me I should be ordering my dress NOW!!

The wedding is 9 months away (not for any other reason than it may be a New Years Eve wedding!!) – do I really need to start thinking about it this far in advance?

Apparently yes.
One of the stores actually started showcasing gowns while I was there – some of them were just OTTT (over-the-top-tacky). Which reminded me of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

Click here and take a look at this one from Big Fat American Gypsy Weddings – just hideous, not to forget this one below from the UK series.

big fat gypsy wedding

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