The great banana peel of existence…

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My marriage celebrant shared this quote with me when I got married!

I just love it – it’s so appropriate for anyone to keep in mind when planning a wedding!

“Weddings are a lot like any other occasion in life – anything can happen.

The great banana peel of existence is always on the floor, somewhere. Not only that – anything might go RIGHT.

Sometimes the unexpected is an unforgettable moment that transforms a standard wedding into a memorable experience. The sweetest memories are seldom the results of planning. Forget fashion shows. Forget a performance. Forget perfection. Whatever happens gets acknowledged and included. Whatever happens – we work it in.
Remember, nothing can ruin a wedding if the heart is right and nothing can help a wedding if it’s a military drill. BE THERE. Notice each other. You could walk through fire together. . .”
by Robert Fulghum

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