Happy Anniversary!

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Me and My Darling celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary on the weekend!

We can’t believe where the time went.

Because the I gave My Darling a framed photo for his desk at work. We had a polaroid camera at our wedding which guests could snap away with and a pen to write a note on it. The one I chose was of us toasting with cool champagne saucers and one of the kids had written “LOVE U” on the bottom. Very cute and a good remembrance of a fun day.

My Darling put me to shame though – he went to extraordinary efforts to make our anniversary incredible including an adventure picnic with all my favourite things, plus props to remind me of our big day, amongst other beautiful touches!

I think I’m very lucky to have My Darling in my life and this was another reason why!

Looking into the meaning behind 1st Wedding Anniversaries, the first year of marriage is often considered the year of adjustment. As you celebrate this special 1st wedding anniversary, reflect on the both the delicate and hardy aspects of your marriage and of your love for one another.

Here are some first wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose paper or clock gifts associated with your 1st marriage anniversary.

1st Anniversary Traditional Gift
Paper. It symbolizes the strength in paper that comes from the interlaced connection of the paper’s individual threads.

1st Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift
Clocks. Henry Van Dyke wrote, “For those who love, time is eternity.”

1st Anniversary Gemstone
Gold Jewelry, Pearl, or Peridot

1st Anniversary Color
Gold or Yellow

1st Anniversary Flower
Orange Blossom or Pansy.
The meaning of a pansy is that the recipient is being thought about. The pansy’s name comes from the French word pensée which means thought or remembrance.
The meaning of an orange blossom is purity, innocence, eternal love, marriage and fruitfulness, and fertility.

Here are some good gifts you could choose…

When purchasing a book, think about your better half’s passions, interests, and hobbies. If you can’t write a love poem yourself, get a book of poetry for your lover.

Matching Tattoes
I really wanted to do the wedding band tattoo thing, but My Darling didn’t go for it!

Board Games & Puzzles
This gift would be a promise to spend an evening together working on a jigsaw puzzle or playing a classic board game like Scrabble. You can get custom made ones too.

This could include pretty or practical writing paper, personalized business cards, note cards, and envelopes.

Purchase a couple tickets and take your partner to his/her favorite sports event, movie, or the theatre. Other tickets could include airline, ferry, train, bus, or balloon rides.

Everyone loves artwork that touches our heart and soul and brings beauty to our life.
Write out a voucher for a massage or for a dinner out or for a walk in the rain. Think in terms of gifts of your talents, gifts of your time, and promises you have made.

Love Letters
Write a love letter. You can do it!

Posters and prints
Posters and art prints have become a very popular art form. You should be able to find one that matches your partners interests.

You could get an electronic one, or a pictorial calendar, or a diary, or a journal style, or an appointment book. Mark all the days that are important to the two of you, and add in a few new ones as a surprise.

A Journal
An anniversary journal to record your memories of your anniversaries throughout your marriage. You may think that you will never forget how you celebrated your anniversaries, but the chances are you will! Write down how you spent your anniversary together and what gifts you gave to one another.

If you plan in advance you could remember to bring one home from your honeymoon. A framed postcard is a fantastic reminder of a romantic time.

Magazine subscription
This gift keeps on giving for the length of the subscription. Go online and order.

Paper weight
We were given one for our engagement in the shape of a heart.

Sheet music
How great would it be to have the sheet music to your first dance?!

Road map
To a romantic anniversary location!

Egg timer
Hmmm could have various meanings!

Kitchen timer
Again, take it whichever way you like!

Wrist watch
A beautiful wrist watch is the keepsake for a lifetime that will get loads of practical use.

Outdoor sundial
If you’re into garden sculpture this could be for you.

Your loved one may be sweet enough, but stuff a pinata with your partners favourite candy and they’ll love you forever!

Time Capsule
Pack with facts, a newspaper, movies, music from your year of marriage… you get the ideas

Plan a picnic with paper plates and cups. If you saved any of these items from you wedding reception, use them!

Treasure Hunt
Give your partner a treasure map and leave clues throughout the house that eventually lead to a romantic location.

Paper Flowers
How gorgeous! Imagine receiving paper flowers! Use them as a centerpiece for your anniversary dinner.

The Ketubah
The Hebrew marriage contract dating back to ancient times is called the Ketubah. The Ketubah is usually printed in a very beautiful, artistic, and creative way as a keepsake document for the bride and groom and as an heirloom to pass on.
The literal translation of ketubah is “it is written.” The Ketubah, dating back 2000 years, is one of the first legal documents giving financial and legal rights to women.
Most of the ketubah texts today reflect on a couple’s commitment to love and honor one another, and their respect for one another.
The content of a ketubah generally also includes the date and place of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom, and their fathers’ names.

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