To be happy


I’ve always meant to read one of the books about the Dalai Lama – he is up there with Mother Teresa in terms of world peace humanitarianism isn’t he.

In comparison most of us can only hope to reach a minute state of the serenity and level of compassion of these incredible role models – but the point is to keep trying. I’ve tried through but the young Buddhist (lady) monk was so relaxing I found it hard to stay awake! 

Then recently I found a book on the Dalai Lamas teachings lying on a bus stop seat (seriously) when I had just got a book out of the library – The Wisdom of Forgiveness – a lovely set of stories by the Dalai Lama written/transcribed by  Victor Chan – who by chance met 30 or so years ago and maintained a friendship of sorts. I knew I was on the right track and the universe was giving me the message I needed! One interview goes like this:

Victor: Let’s not talk about difficult things like nirvana or enlightenment. But what do you want to achieve?

The Dalai Lama: To be happy. My practise helps me lead a useful life. If I can give some short moment of happiness to others, then I feel that my life has achieved some purpose. This gives me deep mental satisfaction – this feeling always comes if you serve others. So, when I help others, I feel happy. For me, the most important thing is human compassion, a sense of caring for one another.

Then it dawned on me – this is why I became a marriage celebrant!! So I feel helpful to others (and hopefully add a little value for them during a major life event) and has the added bonus that it makes me happy!

Deep I know. But true!

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