The Best Wedding Dances Ever!

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Looking for some ‘first dance’ inspiration? Check out these top 5 list of the best first dance routines ever.

Ah, the first dance. Aside from the ceremony (of course), this is one of those truly magical, unforgettable moments on your wedding day, and one where you’ll have the full attention of every guest. Three and a half minutes to shine. Some people go with a traditional waltz, some with a bit of a random boogie to a modern dance track, and some practice for months with their very own customised choreography.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of the all time stand-outs – our picks of the best first dances ever.
5. This one starts off with a slow r’n’b jam before going in a totally different direction. It’s insanely long – the bride, groom and the entire wedding party must have put in months of rehearsal to pull it off!


4. A wedding dance that is truly magical. Things get really unbelievable at about 1.50.


3. A rather special wedding singer (who arrives at 1.40 if you want to skip to the good stuff!). Can you imagine if this person turned up to perform at your wedding?


2. A perfect rendition of the Dirty Dancing finale, including Johnny’s speech. The guy even has even managed to get his arms looking like Patrick Swazey’s did in the movie. The dance starts at 2.18, and then THAT lift happens at 5.30.


Drumroll please…

1. This one is from 9 years ago (sorry about the resolution), before there was any such thing as a surprise wedding dance, and at the beginning you can see some of the guests wondering what the heck is going on (which makes it that much more fun!). This couple have obviously put a huge amount of time into this and their commitment to the job only makes it that much more epic.

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