Your Wedding Vows

For some couples standing up in front of family and friends is a bit overwhelming. The thing to remember is – you’re amongst family and friends to celebrate your love and commitment to one another – nothing else matters.

When you choose me as your Lucky in Love Marriage Celebrant I’ll provide you with a treasure trove of creative ideas to help create the ceremony perfect for you. This includes words you can use for your vows.

The other option my couples like is to write their own vows. Remember you’re exchanging vows as pledges of your love and your commitment. When you’re crafting your own vows they should be personal to you so can be a few words or a few paragraphs (in some cases a few A4 pages!) and written from the heart – and in your own personal style – whether that includes in jokes, sentimental tearjerkers or solemn oaths – whatever works for you, we work it in!

So don’t stress, find a quiet place, relax and have fun choosing what’s right for you! xx

And hopefully you don’t waffle your words like this couple!! ; ) But if you do it doesn’t matter – it will just create another unforgettable memorable moment!!!

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