Battle of the Romcoms


Back in the 80s a new genre of film was created – Romcoms. They were the big thing and got even bigger in the 90s. And we still love those corny boy meets girl chick flicks where they live happily ever after that make you feel all gooey inside.

Everyone has their fave which they bust out every now and then to swoon over with the girls while drinking bubbles and gorging yourself on pizza and ice-cream. Well, that’s my idea of a great girls get together anyway!

My fave romcom is Only You – Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jnr. It wasn’t a major box office smash so if you haven’t seen it – rent it/download it! With lots of twists and turns you’re rooting for the characters to get it together when fate intervenes and Marisa is lead on a crazy quest to find her soul mate – il destino. It’s gorgeous and a young Robert Downey Jnr is the cutest.

One of the most memorable scenes of all romcoms is the fake orgasm scene Meg Ryan performs over lunch in a diner – to Billy Crystal’s astonishment.

Probably the best happy ending of all time is when millionaire/knight in shining armour Richard Gere whisks hooker/damsel in distress Julia Roberts off on his white stallion/his limo to a better ilfe beyond her wildest dreams.

There are so many goodies to choose from. But what’s your all time favourite?? The one that you’ll never get tired of watching that always makes you bawl with tears of happiness??

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