True Blood

While I was sick, my gorgeous boyfriend brought me DVDs to keep me occupied. He knows I am hooked on the Vampire Diaries, so he went and rented True Blood. All I knew about True Blood was it’s billed as vampires for grown ups and stars our very own little Anna Pacquin.

Even though in the States it’s up to season 5, and it aires regularly here, I haven’t been tempted to watch it. I’ve been quite happy getting my thrills with the high school vampire romances of Vamp Diaries and Twilight series.

True Blood is truly twisted with evil blood curdling vampires and lots of tawdry sex scenes. But the concept is hilarious and it’s strangely balanced by the cute main character and although I can’t decide whether I like it or not after 7 episodes, I do keep watching it.

You have to see for yourself.

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