Wedding vows


Gosh, I haven’t been online for a little while now – life sort of got in the way! We moved into another new flat (hopefully our last move til we buy our own place!) and we’ve both been super sick – my Darling had a nasty throat infection and this is the third week I’m trying to get over a middle ear infection – one ear is still really sore and I can’t hear out of it. Crazy winter bugs.

The good news is before My Darling and I got sick we did find time to meet a lovely celebrant Christina Venville who will be perfect as long as she can pronounce My Darling’s names correctly! So we’re getting there. She was very helpful and gave us some good advice and some ideas for vows.

Speaking of vows, a friend at work sent me this link saying she hopes it doesn’t happen to us – it’s hilarious!

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