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We were very lucky – My Darling and I had the most magnificent MC. He may have forgotten about the pre-wedding planning session and kept joking about forgetting what day the wedding was – but our good friend went above and beyond on the day bigging me up and said how nice My Darling was, as well as keeping the guest amused and the show running without a hitch.

Here is a rough format weddings follow and a few tips to help your MC be the best he can be:

If you have been honoured with the responsibility of MC – Congratulations! It’s your job to ensure the smooth running of the days formalities. If you’re married you’ll remember this was one of the most important days of your life. So I’m sure you’ll want to make the Bride and Grooms day just as memorable.

EXPECT that some things will change on the day. Be prepared – appear calm and unflustered, even if you’re having a mild panic!

Sometime during the ceremony the Celebrant/Officiating person will introduce you – explain your relationship to the Bride & Groom and that if guests need anything throughout the night to see you. Talk through housekeeping – let everyone know where the toilets, bar & smoking areas are. Now is also the time to run through the format ie. Please join us for refreshments after the ceremony under the shade of the tree over there… and standby for your photo call.

Reception Welcome
Welcome guests to the venue and thank the guests for their attention. When the bridal party make their entrance advise everyone to be upstanding. This is when
Acknowledge and introduce the parents.
Announce the newlyweds into the room with style, flair and enthusiasm i.e. “It is my pleasure to announce the arrival of our guests of honor! Put your hands together for the newlyweds – Mr. and Mrs…”
Propose a Toast to the couple

Announcement Of Dinner
i.e.“Ladies and Gentleman at this time each table will be escorted to the buffet, so please remain seated until your table is called – the bar will remain closed throughout dinner – but water and wine is on each table.”

Check all dinner plates are cleared away well before the speeches start.
Give guests a few minutes warning before announcing the next thing coming up. A quick visit to the restroom before speeches. Brief each of the event professionals before making announcements to make sure they are prepared and ready for THEIR role in the next phase of the evening.
Make sure the toast glasses are primed and ready before the speeches start also and that the Bride & Groom and their families are seated.
Before announcing speeches, ensure that all of the important people are in the room!
Before making any announcements, get the crowd’s attention FIRST. Remind people to turn their cellphones to silent or off.

  1. If you wish to deliver a speech go for it now! “Ladies and Gentleman may I have your attention” We are ready to do the speeches.”
  2. Then Father of the Bride speaks
  3. Bride & Groom will follow
  4. Read any messages from guests who can’t be there
  5. Open the floor for any guests who may wish to make an impromptu speech
  6. Close with advising friends and family of any lunches the next day and remind guests to participate in any activities i.e. photobooth, sign guestbook

Cutting of The Cake
Announce immediately after speeches. Invite the Bride & Groom to come forward and cut the wedding cake. Ask guests to refrain from taking photos for a moment while the professional photographer takes photos. Then invite guests to come forward and take a photo.

First Dance
Once the cake is cut invite the Bride & Groom to the dancefloor for the first dance. * If the venue has not done so, dim the lights. “Ladies and Gentlemen once again a great big round of applause for Mr. and Mrs. xxx as they mark the start of their life together with their first dance as husband and wife.”

Second Dance
Father of Bride/Daughter, Son/Mother of Groom will start, then invite everyone to come and join the Bride & Groom on the dancefloor.

Bouquet Toss
There will be plenty of single ladies vying to catch the bouquet which symbolises who is going to tie the knot next! You should let the Bride & Groom know to do Bouquet Toss about 30 minutes before the bride and groom depart.

Announce farewell and any other special touches i.e. fireworks displays.
Encourage the Bride & Grooms parents or nearest and dearest to be near the doors. The Bride & Groom should start at this end of the circle. Instruct the Bride & Groom to travel in opposite directions, saying goodbye to everyone as they go, halfway they will cross over and continue until they meet up again back at their parents.
Announce that it is time for the Bride & Groom to go and start their life together and wish them luck.


By attending rehearsals and pre-wedding dinners, you will be fully aware and confident of your responsibilities and timings. Plus you will get to know in advance who the family and speakers are, what they look like and what their relationship is to the couple (and won’t have to read off your notes all night!).

Familiarise yourself with the Order of Service: and layout of ceremony and reception venues.

Get to the venue early so you can greet all the relevant service providers. You will be working with these people on the night so it is great if you know them and are comfortable dealing with them.

Remember to keep an eye on the time and proceedings moving. You don’t want guests to fall asleep over speeches or to be cutting the cake at 11pm when everyone is ready to go home!

Sincerity is more important than humour for the MC. Keep it brief- it’s not the MCs role to deliver a speech.

When speaking, ensure you can be seen by all guests, apologising in advance to any who are behind you or obscured. Then apologise profusely to those who CAN see you!

Keep the photographer, videographer and DJ informed of every key moment so they can play their parts accordingly.

If you have any tricky names to pronounce it helps to get the phonetical spelling and plenty of time to practice!

Things to remember

Your cue cards

Your speech

You are also a guest – the bride and groom want you to have a great night as well.
Make sure you don’t miss out on a good dance!

Most of all – have fun!

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