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As you know my career is event co-ordination and party planning. So I thought it would be a cake walk planning my own wedding. But even for someone with a high level of corporate skills – don’t be fooled – planning your own wedding is a highly charged emotional rollercoaster! The sensible thing to do is to hire a wedding planner. I believe they can be hired for minimal charge nowadays and will end up saving you $$$ in the long run. They will stop you from becoming bridezilla (which is inevitable), by making decision making easy, recommending the best suppliers and keeping your wedding party under control (which I desperately needed on my big day).

I read this fantastic article in M2 Women today by Kellie Stevenson and it reminded me of exactly what major effort is involved in making your big day perfect. Have a read it is hysterically funny and true to life…
The Best Laid Plans? With the likes of Pinterest sprouting ‘easy’ ways to plan and create the perfect wedding, Kellie thought she had it covered, that is until what is involved in the rigmarole of wedding planning became apparent…

I am getting married and have decided that planning a wedding is hard. Wouldn’t it be great if there were people who actually did all that for you for a pre-arranged sum of money? People who planned weddings for a living? Unfortunately, my inability to work out what such professionals could possibly be called, couple with my innate need to make life difficult, means that I have decided to take on the undertaking myself.

There are so many moving parts, things I hadn’t considered and have not a skerrick of interest in. For instance, I had no idea what the difference is between satin and grosgrain ribbon (although grosgraine sounds like a raging STD mixed with a terrible headache). Raffia and hemp twine. Same? Different? Bothered? I don’t know, but I am tempted to hang myself with either or both if confronted by too many more of these decisions. I had no an inkling that your font choice could impact the quality of your nuptials and that using something like Comic Sans says, clearly as yelling from the roof tops, my wedding is a farce and I am an empty shell posing as a bride.

Apparently, a theme for the day is of the utmost importance. If you believe Pinterest, and by God who wouldn’t, it seems more important than the choice of say…groom. There are so many to choose from, relaxed meets classic rustic meets bucolic urban Mexican swing dance, it’s all there for the uninitiated to blunder through.

The theme du jour seems to be retro/vintage, laden with preserving jars, gingham bunting and all that hessian. I never thought to draw correlation between heavy sacking and a wedding but apparently, it’s what all the cool kids are doing. According to the wedding magazines (full of models that look like child brides and lots and lots of hessian) it’s all about being timeless. A mental image of me in a mildewing bridal gown swooning around a cobweb-filled room, Miss Havisham style.

Anyway we took this theme thing on board but have decided that the only thing we can find that ties all the elements of the day together is that we are getting married. We have decided on a wedding-themed wedding.

The wedding magazines, along with making you feel chunky make it all look so easy, they lull you into a false sense of security that all you need is a mason jar, four tea lights and an old typewriter.

But what you really need is… a wedding planner!




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