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Don’t you think it’s a bit strange that best buddies Brad and George tied the knot within weeks of each other. Do you think it was some kind of dare?

While we’re on the subject of wedding dresses, having just had a look at Amal’s design – love it or hate it, you have to admit it’s a great way to get your kids involved in your big day! I can’t say much for the artistic ability, but overall the dress was a beautiful design.

Take a look at the front:

angelina jolie wedding dress

















Something else that stood out for me looking at these photos was how sombre the wedding party looks. It looks more like a funeral. And I probably think that because I still like Jennifer Aniston more. Look how blissfully happy Brad and Jen looked on their big day:

jennifer aniston and brad pitt wedding













And have you seen the hilarious spoof Brangelina dress – check out some of the artwork:

TheRachel Angelina Jolie spoof dressBrangelinafakedress




Angelina Jolie spoof dress Billy Bob


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