Marriage Advice from 1893

wedding advice from 1893


“Take my advice and married be, Before you are over twenty-three.”


I’m loving the HuffPost Weddings at the moment – they posted this fabulous article…

It’s not uncommon that as we get older, friends and family start doling out advice for our future (sometimes hypothetical) marriages. “Find a man that makes you laugh,” they say, “Never go to bed angry,” and even the classic, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

But back in the late 1800s, marriage advice for brides-to-be looked a lot different.

The following photos were posted to Reddit recently of a “wedding autograph book” from 1893. Inside, nineteenth century relatives of Agnes Nevin offer up their love advice — and while it’s unclear from the photos if Agnes was single, engaged, or soon-to-be married at the time, it’s clear matrimony was on everyone’s mind.

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